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Micro-Foil shaving head makes quick work on tough beards. Gets as close as a blade but is safe to the touch.

Blade close shave!

If it’s safe enough for your face, you know it’s safe any place. SonicGroom™ is the one groomer you can trust for all your manscaping needs. No risk. No worry. Just a perfect groom from head to toe.

Good morning. Your mission, should you decide to accept it is to be the first to use an all new body grooming tool designed to leave you perfectly groomed from head to toe. You're looking at the Sonic Groom, the world's first all body trimmer to combine sonic power with micro touch technology for a faster, safer, and smoother groom. The sonic power helps lift the hair and sweep it away, for the closest, most comfortable grooming you have ever felt.

1 sonic grooming tool, 2 interchangeable heads. It's like no groomer you've ever used. The advanced trimming head is perfect for sideburns, mustaches, and beards. Ears and nose, even the back of your neck, perfectly trimmed and totally groomed. Attach the grooming guide and now you can trim your hair as easily as you comb, for a clean sharp look between hair cuts. Switch to the micro foil shaving head to make quick work of tough beards, and if it's safe enough for your face, you know it's safe any place.

It's the 1 groomer you can trust for all your manscaping needs. No risk, no worry, just a perfect groom from head to toe. Sonic Groom gets as close as a blade, yet it's safe to the touch, guaranteed. It's the 1 trimmer that makes all others obsolete and puts the power of sonic grooming right in the palm of your hand. Any hair, anywhere, with absolute precision and comfort. Totally smooth, perfectly groomed, and yes with the Sonic Groom, you are now totally groomed from head to toe with 15 seconds to spare.

Use your time wisely. Try it risk free for 60 days with our 100% money back guarantee. Order now and your shipping is free. When you order, ask how to receive this 10-piece deluxe grooming set with every tool you need to always look your best. So don't delay, this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Get yours today.

Safe to the touch!